Real estate photography: To in-house or to outsource?

The real estate market has never been an easy one and with the onset of the pandemic, selling property has become downright challenging.

In the competitive world of real estate, a property that can’t stand out may just as well be razed to the ground. So as a real estate agent, how do you set your properties apart from the rest?

Today’s property buyers head straight to the internet to find their homes. So what they see there can make or break a potential property sale. To ensure their first impression of the property is positive, you need high-quality photographs and this is where a real estate photographer comes into the picture. 

Now the question arises- do you hire a professional or try and photograph the property yourself?

Reasons to hire professional real estate photographers

Professional equipment

One of the top benefits of hiring a specialised real estate photography agency is avoiding investing in your own photography equipment. This way you have access to state-of-the-art professional equipment that would have been far too expensive to afford on your own. Expert agencies even have advanced technology such as 360-degree cameras for virtual tours, or drones for aerial shots of the property, which can take your property sales to the next level. Some even go so far as to offer the extended service of floor plan creation, so that potential buyers can fall in love with this space even before setting foot inside the house. 

Industry knowledge

Hiring a professional property photographer doesn’t just land you great equipment. It takes years of expertise and skill to know how to display property to look its absolute best.

So outsourcing your photography to a firm that focuses on this speciality will buy you industry knowledge and tricks of the trade as well.

These photographers are skilled and trained in a manner where they know what features to highlight and what features to draw attention away from. 

Time is money

A real estate agent often plays many roles to create a perfect listing, so wearing the photographer’s hat may be a bit too much to take on. Outsourcing your property photography to a third party takes some of the weight off your shoulders so that you can focus on what you do best- sell property!  Time can be invaluable in this business, so save yourself time and consequentially, money, and hire a professional photography agency. 

Sell more properties 

Outsourced real estate photography often produces high-quality, professional photos that can make the property looks far more attractive than in-house photography.  Of course, attractive property photographs can lure more potential buyers to come to view the house, therefore sealing the deal faster. 

Expert post-production

Post-production and editing is an essential step in property photography, where the initial shots are edited to produce far superior images. Not to mention, you can get the pictures in your desired format, with the right dimensions to post on multiple platforms.

Not everyone can edit an image to perfection, so it’s truly a Godsend when an external agency does it for you. The trick is to not exaggerate the photos to a point where there is a clear dissonance between the property and its photos. Only a true expert can edit within these boundaries without crossing the line, and that’s exactly what you’ll get by outsourcing the project. 

While hiring a professional real estate photography agency may seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance, the investment is well worth it and often pays off immediately. We recommend that if you only handle a couple of listings, you may attempt to photograph the property yourself. 

For fast-growing real estate agencies with plenty of listings hire a specialised photography firm with a reliable process to handle all your property shoots. If you’ve been searching for a firm like this you’re in the right place. 

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