Building trust between real estate buyers and sellers online

Real estate agent buyer relationship

With new realtors coming into the market every day, it’s getting increasingly harder for end users to distinguish between credible services and illegitimate brokers. Countless articles on the internet talk about best practices for the actual work that realtors do, but not many define the importance of having a reliable, trustworthy presence online.

As many as 34% of home buyers in 2017 were 36 years old or younger. What this means is that most of your prospects will be Googling you and therefore it is vital for your online profile to be as up-to-date and trustworthy as possible. Here are some tips to follow:

Update your online portfolio

Buying or selling a house is a serious commitment for people, and you can be sure that they will treat it accordingly. Prospects are going to look up your company’s name online, and they will be reading the content that you are featuring.

With that in mind, it’s imperative that everything you have online is not only correct but well-written. Your texts need to be clear, concise and show your professionalism & competency. It will help readers form a more personal connection and distinguish you from your competitors.

If you aren’t a great copywriter yourself, consider working with a freelancer to bring out your best qualities in written form. Sites like Upwork and Fiverr allow you to select from a wide range of copywriting pros. You can have a quick call with them, describe yourself and your business, and they do the rest. It’s that simple.

Don’t skimp out on visuals

In your professional career, you’ve probably noticed that property listings with nicer pictures tend to convert better and sell more quickly. And that’s no coincidence. Investing in professional photography as well as conversion-improving retouch makes a world of a difference, and it directly reflects on the customer experience:

Professional real estate photography

Notice how the ‘after’ image is a lot more visually pleasing and conveys a better, more professional perception of the property? It’s hard to believe you’re looking at the same location.
The problem becomes even more pronounced when you feature listings with a vastly different quality of photographs next to each other. Seeing two completely disparate sets of images delegitimises your brand and has an adverse effect on the customer’s trust in you.

This is why you have to invest in making all of your listings look pristine, not just the big money-makers. It cleans up your website, makes your brand seem more genuine and converts more of your visitors into customers. A win-win for both parties involved!

Be available

In the age of smartphones, iMessage and instant sharing, more and more people expect faster & more streamlined communication from everyone. As a realtor, you are the bridge between people and their dream properties. Keeping up with multiple clients and tens of listings is definitely a challenge, but one that has an immense advantage.

Showing your prospects that you are readily available to answer their queries is a sign of a professional business. By putting your customers first, you will be able to show them that you’re proactive in your problem-solving.

Think of it as customer service. Not everyone pays attention to it until they experience really good customer service. But as soon as that happens — they’re a customer for life.

The same applies to real estate. If you show your clients that you’re always there and able to provide efficient assistance, they’ll be sure to bring more business your way. Or at the very least, recommend you to their friends in the future.


Building trust between your real estate business & your clients is absolutely essential. By strengthening your online presence, optimising your listing pictures and improving your availability, you’ll add a layer of professionalism and assurance to your business. And the importance of these qualities is only going to increase in the future.