How professional photography can boost sales for your grocery delivery startups

The advent of COVID was a challenging period for all businesses, but somewhere along the way, humanity’s fight for toilet paper really drove up the demand for grocery delivery platforms.

Whether it’s legally imposed restrictions, the fear of going out, or even plain laziness to go buy milk in the morning, our newfound love for home has made grocery delivery platforms our saviours. 

If you’re a grocery delivery startup trying to build your brand and stand up to incumbent firms, here’s the deal. We know the secret to all your problems, and we’re going to let you in on it for free. Professional photography is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Since customers don’t want to go all the way to the supermarket and prod a tomato before buying it, zooming in on its picture online is the next best alternative. As a grocery delivery company, if your product photos don’t look fresh or delicious, it’s going to cost you some business.

Benefits of professional photography for grocery delivery platforms

Improves conversion rates

Professionally photographed groceries can have a huge impact on a grocery delivery platform’s conversion rates. In fact any form of visual improvement can raise your online conversions rates by up to a whopping 250%. The ability to touch and hold a product will be replaced by how good the product looks online. A customer will be more likely to order from your platform, than one with poor quality images. 

Reliable process

A professional photography agency will be able to guarantee a reliable process in terms of capturing consistent, high-resolution images of the products, editing these photos to perfection, and delivering them on time. This professionalism will resonate with customers and give them a good image of your brand.

Brand image

Plenty of grocery delivery apps depend on stock photos instead of photographing their own products, which is a great choice to save on money, but terrible for your sales in the long run. Stock photos can have a detrimental effect to your SEO rankings, as Google will interpret these unoriginal images as inauthentic and plagiarised material.

To portray an original, consistent and accurate image of your brand, it’s best to have professionally shot images of your own products. This creates an authentic image of your platform and sets it apart from its competitors. 


Hiring professional photographers won’t actually set you back by a lot if you find the right firm. If you’re looking to book multiple shoots or long term contracts, there are quite a few agencies that can provide affordable services that won’t eat through your entire budget. Couple that with all the sales you’ll be making through your new stunning pictures, and the whole process works out very well, cost-wise. 

So how do you find the right experts for the job? You could do a quick Google search of ‘professional photographers near me’ and find yourself sifting through hundreds of options. Then you’ll have to shortlist based on prices, locations and experience. We’ll do you one better and cut right to chase. 

Here at LemonOne, we work with expert photographers to take affordable, high-quality commercial photos for our clients. We operate throughout Europe, so we’re only a call or click away from helping you. The best part? We aim to deliver your professionally shot and edited images within 48 hours. Sounds too good to be true right? Contact us now so that we can show you how much better it can get.