Digital marketing tips to improve your online booking platform

The perfect digital solution for your SaaS-enabled marketplace

Whether you’re launching your first SaaS-enabled Marketplace (SEM) or you’ve been in the industry for a while, every business should have a solid digital marketing strategy in its arsenal.

Online marketplaces have shortened the distance between businesses and its customers, which is why it comes with a whole new set of challenges. Communication is a key element that may get lost during this complex process, so that’s something every SEM should focus on.

There are simply so many digital marketing strategies to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in indecisiveness. So to help out your business, we have compiled some of the best practices in digital marketing that can help increase your online bookings.

Top 7 digital marketing tips to grow online bookings

1. Offers and promotions

Who doesn’t love to pay less money for a service, right? One of the best ways to outrun your competitors in the race to register more online bookings is by offering discounts or promotions that other businesses don’t. This will make booking through your platform an obvious choice, and the customer walks away with a great deal. 

2. User-friendly Interface

Sometimes the biggest factor leading to a customer actually making an appointment through your platform is the user interface. An easy-to-use and attractive platform makes the booking process seamless as well as enjoyable for your customers. This customer satisfaction will lead to continued dependence on the app for future bookings as well. 

3. Customer referrals

Customer referrals is an efficient system to acquire new customers while rewarding existing customers for staying on. Using your existing customers to get through to new ones is a scheme that can boom your business and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as 'Get 15% off your next two bookings' for both parties should do the trick. 

4. Calendar synchronisation

A great feature that improves the customer journey on booking platforms is calendar synchronisation so that they don’t miss their bookings. Adding a software feature that automatically updates calendars to reflect an appointment or reservation is an amazing way to help customers keep track of their booking. 

5. Live chat support

Live chat support is fast, effective and convenient when it comes to offering customer care services. This method improves customer satisfaction by helping people manage their bookings through their mobile devices. This way if they have to cancel their appointment or reschedule it, it will only take a few minutes over the live chat. 

6. Automated reminders

If you’re a SaaS-enabled marketplace, the last thing you want is your customers failing to turn up at their appointments. Understand that people are busy and often, unorganised creatures who constantly need to be reminded to do things. Ensure that you send customised email or text reminders for upcoming bookings so that your clients show up for their bookings. 

7. Google Ads

An oldie but goodie- a Google Ads marketing strategy is a must-have for any booking platform. This advertising tool can single-handedly expand your online presence and offer a wider reach than your usual audience. This way if your customer searches “haircuts near me” or whichever service you offer, all your listed services can be the first to come up on the results page. 

Running a SaaS-enabled marketplace can be tough work so you’ll need all the help you can get. A little bit of guidance from our top digital marketing tips for your booking platform will lead to improved customer satisfaction in no time.