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Join LemonOne as a Partner Photographer

1. What is LemonOne?

LemonOne is a photography platform that brings together independent professional photographers with clients in need of professional photos for their businesses. 

Our professional teams take care of the customer acquisition and communication with the client, along with the image processing. 

We operate throughout  Europe and have a portfolio of clients in numerous fields including real estate, travel and food.

2. How does LemonOne work?

As soon as you become a Partner Photographer with LemonOne, you will be assigned shoots based on your location and field of expertise. 

You will receive shoot bookings and customer guidelines via email. Thanks to our dedicated editing team, we take care of the image processing after the shoot, which means you should follow the customer guidelines to produce the photos and we take care of the rest.

3. Why become a Partner Photographer with LemonOne? 

LemonOne gives you the possibility to concentrate on your field of interest and expertise, by assigning you shoots based on the shooting category of your interest. 

  1. We provide you with the flexibility to work when you have time. You determine your own availability and are booked for shoots that match your category of interest
  2. The image processing is on us: you send the pictures to us and we take care of the rest
  3. You have the opportunity to make extra income and get paid quickly
  4. You can focus on the areas of your interest and develop your portfolio (please contact a member of the LemonOne Team for approval before adding photos to your portfolio).

4. What is the equipment required to become a Partner Photographer with LemonOne? 

We provide you with the opportunity to choose which category you would like to shoot with us. There are special equipment requirements for each category. For example: the basic requirements for real estate photography are a 20 megapixel camera and a super wide angle lens (16mm on a full frame or a 12mm on a crop sensor). 

5. How can I become a Partner Photographer with LemonOne? 

Start by registering on our website and fill out the application form for photographers. The registration will be followed by a short evaluation process to ensure you are booked for the shoots that best match your skill set. After a successful evaluation process, we will send you a contract and onboard you.

Working with LemonOne

1. Is it possible to work with other agencies while being a LemonOne Partner Photographer? 

As mentioned earlier, our Partner Photographers are independent partners. It is therefore completely okay to work with other agencies and to take on other assignments. In fact, photographers are obliged to take on at least one other project each month in addition to working with us.

2. I am on the move and my address has changed, how can I inform you so that I can receive shoot requests accordingly? 

If your address has changed, please contact us with your new address by sending an email to

3. Can I use the photos I take as part of a LemonOne photo shoot for personal and/or commercial purposes?

After the photo shoot the copyright is transferred to LemonOne and the photos should not be used for any further commercial or monetary gain. In general you may use the photos in your portfolio and for promotional purposes, however, be sure to first check with a member of the Lemon One Support Team as some clients do not allow their photos to be published online.

4. Am I obliged to sign a contract with LemonOne given that I am an independent partner? 

Photographers who wish to work with us, must sign a contract, however it is extremely flexible. This means you can cancel the contract even after one shoot and you do not have to accept a minimum or maximum number of shoots each month. If you have particular weeks or months where you cannot work with us, that is no problem, just write us a quick email to inform us that you will not be able to accept any shoots in the coming weeks.

My test with LemonOne

1. How long does it typically take to receive feedback on my test photos? 

It typically takes a few days for our Quality Team to evaluate new tests. 

2. Do I need to find a beautiful location/restaurant to complete my test? Or can it be completed in my own home?

We are not looking to see a stunning house or a gourmet meal. The purpose of the test is to evaluate the quality of your RAW photos and to check your ability to comply with the guideline requirements. 

Photo shoot proposals

1. How many days in advance can I expect to receive a booking?

Our clients can book shoots up to 48 hours in advance. In exceptional circumstances a member of the LemonOne Team may contact you with a shoot request if the original photographer falls ill, or cannot make it to the shoot.

2. How many bookings can I expect per month?

The number of bookings you receive per month depends on your availability, the categories you have been approved to shoot, and your location. Certain markets are busier than others and the clients and projects in your area will play a factor in determining how many shoot requests you receive.

3. How am I alerted to photo shoot proposals around me?

When a photo shoot is available in your area, you will be notified via email. You can accept the shoot via a link in the email, but make sure to be quick as other photographers will also be sent this email. 

4. Can I refuse to do a photo shoot proposal?

You have the option to not accept open shoot requests. However, once a shoot is in your calendar you are expected to perform the service in accordance with the terms of your contract.

5. If I'm going abroad for a while; can I work with LemonOne from there?

Yes, if we have clients in the area you want to work in, you can contact us to change your address in order to receive bookings.

My photo shoots

1. Where can I find the customer requirements?

Customer guidelines are sent to you automatically via email when you receive a booking.  Our inhouse photography team will brief you and answer any doubts you may have about the guideline specifications before the shoot. 

2. What is the desired format for the photos?

The format expected by the client is always indicated in the guidelines. Please refer to them beforehand, to assure that the service we provide meets the customer’s expectations. 

3. What happens if the client postpones or cancels the photo shoot? 

 You will be notified immediately if such situations occur. 

If the client cancels the photo shoot 12 hours before the agreed time, you will be paid 19 Euros for the given shoot 

4. Is the venue briefed beforehand and what happens if the location is unprepared when I arrive? 

All locations receive a general briefing before the shoot, but if you run into significant problems which will delay your start time, please contact our support team for further instructions. 

5. If the photo shoot lasts longer than expected, will I be paid for the additional time?

Sometimes shoots might take more time than expected. If this occurs, please make sure to inform us about it so that we are aware of the situation and can update our database accordingly. Please note, you should not add additional time to your invoice without first receiving approval. 

6. How many pictures should I take?

The number of photos expected by the clients is indicated in the guidelines. Please refer to them before the shoot, to assure that the service we provide meets the customer’s expectations. 

7. If I have any doubt about an aspect of the shoot that is not specified in the guidelines, what should I do? 

In case you have any doubts about the number of images, the specifications, and or the floorplan please reach out to our support team at or call us.

Photo shoot cancellations 

1. What should I do if I accepted a photo shoot  but I can't make it?

If you won't be able to make it to a photo shoot, please inform us immediately.

2. What should I do if I arrive at the location and the contact person tells me that they are no longer available for a shoot?

If such an incident occurs, please call our support team on +49 303 4046 0500 or for international calls on +49 152 3872 8688 (WhatsApp).

Special cases during a photo shoot:

1. I called to confirm my arrival but couldn't reach the contact person. What should I do?

Please wait 30 minutes in case the client is simply running late. If the client does not arrive, inform our support team on +49 303 4046 0500 or +49 152 3872 8688 (WhatsApp). If the client arrives late, you may invoice the extra time, but make sure to document the delay in the shoot notes. 

2. I can't find the exact location for the shoot and the client doesn't answer the phone, what should I do?

Please contact us on our support team on +49 303 4046 0500 or +49 152 3872 8688 (WhatsApp) and we will do our best to solve this problem for you.

3. What if there is no natural light?

If there is insufficient natural light, try using a longer shutter speed, or if possible, move to an alternative place in the venue (for food shoots). Unless otherwise directed, never use an external flash.

4. The place is messy, what can I do?

Discuss with the person on location about the current state of the property and that it doesn't meet our customer standards. If the location is unable to assist you with tidying up the property, please contact LemonOne support for further instruction.  

5. What if the restaurant does not have any elements to decorate and showcase the table?

In case such an incident occurs, please contact us immediately for further instructions. We will arrange for a reshoot.

Delivery of the photos

1. When do I have to deliver the photos?

The photos need to be delivered before midnight on the day of the shoot.

2. How to deliver the photos?

On the morning of the shoot, you will receive an email with a unique upload link for each shoot you have scheduled for that day. 

3. How many photos should I deliver for each shoot?

The required number of photos varies from one customer to the next and will be clearly indicated in the customer guidelines. You will be sent a copy of the guidelines each time you are booked for a shoot for a new client, or if the guidelines are updated. Please always read the guidelines very carefully to find out the general requirements and number of photos you should deliver.

4. Should I do any modifications to the photos before uploading them? 

The only modification that we might ask you to do is to rename the pictures according to the client’s requirements. 

Payment & Invoices

1. How does the payment system work?

You should write us an invoice at the end of each month and email it to If the information on your invoice is correct, your earnings will be directly transferred to your account within 14 days. If the information does not match our records, a member of the finance team will reach out to you and this might delay the payment of your invoice. All the information you need to fulfil the invoices requirements can be found on the on-boarding package. 

2. Does LemonOne take a cut off the payment as a commission? 

No, LemonOne does not operate like a regular job agency.  We employ our photographers and pay them directly for the assignments they perform for LemonOne. 

3. Does LemonOne pay the transaction fees / charges?

No, LemonOne doesn't pay the transaction fees deducted from the bank 

4. Is the wage before taxes or after? 

The hourly wage is the nett wage. i.e. before taxes.

5. Does Lemon One pay VAT for all European Countries?

 LemonOne uses the european-wide Reverse-Charge regulation to simplify the tax regulation for all business transactions. More information about the tax regulation of the EU can be found on their website

6. Does LemonOne contribute towards travel costs?

LemonOne does pay a daily subsidiary of 3.50 € towards the cost of a daily bus/metro ticket, or 30c / km for distances greater than 10km for those who choose to travel by car. Please keep receipts of train tickets to use as proof of purchase. 

Our booking algorithm avoids large distances between shoots, and no heavy photo equipment is necessary. Photographers only require a tripod and a camera, both of which are easy to transport.

7. What happens if a shoot takes longer than planned?

Sometimes shoots might take more time than expected. If this occurs, please make sure to inform us about it so that we are aware of the situation and can update our database accordingly. Please note, you should not add additional time to your invoice without first receiving approval. 

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