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About LemonOne

1. What is LemonOne?

LemonOne is a photography platform that brings together independent professional photographers with clients in need of professional photos for their businesses. 

Our professional teams take care of the customer acquisition and communication with the client, along with the image processing. 

We operate throughout  Europe and have a portfolio of clients in numerous fields including real estate, travel and food.

2. Which Business areas are covered by LemonOne? 

We cover a variety of sections such as: Interior, exterior, architecture, food, restaurants, portraits and drone. We are working on opening more categories for the future, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

3. In which geographical zones LemonOne operates?

At the moment we are operating in most European countries, however we are constantly expanding to new cities.

4. Who makes up the LemonOne photographer community?

They are professional photographers with the necessary skills and equipment to enable them to provide a high quality service to meet our customer expectations. They have different profiles and are specialised in different fields such as: Real estate, Food, Architecture, Restaurants and Drone. An entrance test as well as continuous quality assessments allow us to deliver consistently high quality images to you.

Book a photo shoot

1. How can I book a photo shoot?

Photo shoots are booked through our booking platform. During the client on-boarding process we introduce you to our booking platform and how to use it. We kindly ask you to fill out all the requested fields:

  • Full address of the shoot location
  • Category /subject of the shoot 
  • Onsite contact details of the person who will welcome the photographer
  • Extra specifications for the shoot can be mentioned under the notes section

Regarding special requests please don't hesitate to contact us at 

2. How does a photo shoot work?

After receiving a booking, the photographer will receive the client specific guideline. If the photographer has any questions about the guidelines they can reach out to our in-house photography team for extra guidance. During the shoot the guidelines will be carefully followed in order to provide the requested number of photos within the planned time frame. The client does not need to spend any time briefing individual photographers.

3. How should I brief the photographer if I want the photo shoot to follow precise guidelines?

Specific guidelines of each client are briefed to the photographers by our in-house photography team before the shoot. For any special requests please fill out the shooting notes when booking the shoot.

4. What is the minimum notice to place an order?

The minimum period to place an order is 48 hours before the shoot takes place. 

Special requests for a shoot

1. Can I choose a certain photographer for my photo shoot?

At the moment this service is not available on the booking platform. But if you would like to choose a certain photographer to carry on the shoot, contact us and the customer operations team will do their best to accommodate.

2. Can I book multiple photographers on the same photo shoot?

The photo shoot is carried on by only one of our photographers. However, if there is a certain condition where more than one photographer is needed for one shoot, please contact our customer operations team for them to schedule.

3. Can I work with a photographer again without going through LemonOne?

Our photographers contract contains a non competition clause. Which means that the connection between our photographers and clients is carried out through the LemonOne platform. We are happy to consider your wish to shoot with a certain photographer again in the future.

4. How can I modify, postpone or cancel a photo shoot?

If you would like to cancel a shoot simply follow the link in your booking confirmation email. If you would like to postpone the photo shoot, go through the booking platform, cancel the shoot and rebook it once again. For further support contact our customer operations team at 

5. What are the terms for postponing or cancelling a photo shoot?

  • The client may cancel individual orders without payment, provided that the cancellation takes place more than 72 hours before the start of the arranged shoot. 
  • In the case of a cancellation that takes place 72 hours or fewer but more than 12 hours before the start of the arranged shoot the client is liable for half of the agreed payment for this individual shoot.
  •  In the case of a cancellation that takes place 12 hours or fewer before the start of the arranged shoot, the client is liable for all of the agreed payment for this individual shoot.

Orders: Individual cases

1. What should I do if the address of the photo shoot is not recognised?

If the address you provided is not recognized on Google maps or on our booking platform  we kindly ask you to contact us for further information at 

2. Can I book shoots outside of the offered categories displayed on the platform?

It is most important to us to only deliver highest quality content to our clients. Therefore, we work thoroughly and only when we master a new category, we open it for all our clients.

3. How do I know if my order has been confirmed/approved?

A booking confirmation will be sent to you after submitting the booking details via our booking platform.

4. Can I contact the photographer of my photo shoot?

Unfortunately, we are unable to share the data of our photographers due to data security reasons. If you want to change the date or time of the photo shoot, please cancel and rebook again through our platform. If you have any additional information for the photographer, please reach out to our customer operations support team.

Photo shoots: Individual cases

1. What should I do if I cannot be in the location for the photo shoot?

If you cannot be at the shoot location to welcome the photographer, please let us know beforehand by mentioning this in the comment section while booking the shoot, so that the photographer gets informed about the situation. Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to provide us with your contact number in case the photographer has any questions onsite.

2. What should I do if the photographer doesn't show up for my photo shoot?

If such a situation occurs, please remain patient and contact us immediately on +49 303 4046 0500 (for international clients we can also be contacted via whatsapp on  +4915238728688) and we will solve the problem on the spot. 

Delivered images

1. How long does it take to deliver photos?

Photos are generally delivered 48 hours after the photo shoot took place. Speedy delivery within 24h is possible for an extra fee.

2. What is the format of the delivered photos?

Most of our clients request the retouched final images to be delivered in .jpg format. However, any other formats are also possible. Before the first shoot, you will have the chance to select a delivery format.

3. How do I know that my edited pictures are available?

You will receive a notification via email that your final images are available.

4. What should I do if I'm having problems accessing my delivered photos?

If you cannot access your submission link, please contact us for direct support at 

Editing specifications

1. Am I able to apply my logo / watermark on all the photos?

 Yes,  applying watermarks and logos to all photos is possible. As part of our clients onboarding process you will be able to inform us about all your editing specifications beforehand.  

2. Can I request a specific retouch?

Special requests can be specified in the editing specifications onboarding process for our clients. Please feel free to mention any special requests you have during that process and our sales team will come back to you with a pricing chart.

Drone & Video services  

1. What is the format of delivered videos?

We are able to deliver all common formats. Before the first shoot, you will be asked what format is most favoured for you.

2. How long are the videos?

The length of the video depends on your preference. It could range between 12 seconds to 1 hour.

3. Do you offer a drone service?

Yes we do.

4. Can you add music to videos?

Music can be added to the video upon your request. However we provide you with the possibility to choose between the 2 options:

  • You can send us your music and we add it to the video
  • We provide you with the music and you pay the license 

5. Can you insert text into videos?

Yes we can insert text into the video for you. Our Editing team is capable of providing you with motion design services as well if needed.

6. Can you add a sound signature and / or a watermark?

Yes we can add sound signature/ watermark. However, we ask you to provide us with your watermark files beforehand.  

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