Surpass your competition and get professional blueprints by leveraging our service.


higher click-through rate for listings with floorplans


potential buyers would ignore a property listing that does not feature a floorplan


of home buyers are interested in viewing floorplans

Industry leaders already benefiting from LemonOne services

You have 2 seconds

to grab the buyer’s
attention without a photo...

...and 20 seconds

with a photo.

LemonOne floorplans will:

Give the customer a clear overview of the space

By viewing a floorplan of the property first, the potential buyer can determine if the place fullfills their wishes, and you save meeting time if it does not

Demonstrate construction / remodeling progress

A literal bird’s eye level view can show the dramatic changes over time that you’re bringing to the project

Increase your conversion rate

Listings, that contain floorplans attract significantly more interest. 1 in 5 buyers won’t even arrange a viewing if they don’t see a floor plan first
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Customise the floorplan design according to your business needs

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