Boost your sales with stunning areal photography. Leverage our solution that automates the drone photography booking, editing, and delivery processes.


faster sale of properties that utilize areal photography on their listings


of realtors agree that
high-quality visuals help them win more listings


of time is spent on the visuals, compared to the description or potential buyer remarks

Industry leaders already benefiting from LemonOne areal visuals

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You have 2 seconds

to grab the buyer’s
attention without a photo...

...and 20 seconds

with a photo.

LemonOne visuals will:

Provide a great overview of the property

Aerial photography provides a clearer overview of the property, as well as surrounding area

Demonstrate construction / remodeling progress

A literal bird’s eye level view can show the dramatic changes over time that you’re bringing to the project

Increase your conversion rate

Image-based listings reach significantly more bookings

Build consistent branding

Professional food photos help you build a brand that stands out and shapes your platform identity

Support your marketing strategy

You can use the ever-green high quality visual material for marketing purposes

Impress your customers with unique views!

Customers should take one look at your  photos and say: “This is what we need!”
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